The Code (or “Rules”) of The Effortless English Club

Efforttless English のポリシー


Effortless Englishは英語を教える事を通じて、社会に貢献したいと考えています。




これからもよろしくお願い致します! :)

I Love you all.    Tomoe Tomoe




We have an absolutely wonderful community here– so many great members. You are the reason that the Effortless English Club is so special.

And I want to keep it special, always. In fact, my promise to you is that this will always remain a friendly, positive, and supportive community.. no matter how much we grow. I am absolutely dedicated to that.

As part of that, I’ve decided to introduce new future members to a “Code” of 3 “Rules” for the Effortless English Club. By the way, all teachers and partners and assistants in The Effortless English Company (including me) also have the same code of rules.

The Code is quite simple:

1. Do The Best We Can
2. Do The Right Thing
3. Show Other People That We Care

That’s it– very simple– but it gives the spirit of our Club.

Number 1 means that we just try to do our best. We don’t need to be perfect (it’s impossible anyway). We accept mistakes. We just try to do the best we can when we communicate, learn and teach.

Number 2 means we do what is good and right– we don’t insult other people, we don’t try to cause fights or arguments, we don’t attack other people’s religions or race or nationality or sexual orientation… or anything else. We are respectful, honest, and fair.

Number 3 is my favorite– because it’s what already makes The Effortless English Club so special. We show each other that we care. We help. We compliment. We thank people. We are kind and friendly and supportive. We encourage each other.

So why did I feel the need to write these “rules” if we already have an awesome Club? Well, because we are growing so fast and getting so many new members– I think it’s a good idea to be clear about this with all new members. Also, I’m going to start communicating this to our Fans (non-members who subscribe to my emails, Facebook page, etc…)- so that everyone is clear about our very special Club.

When I was doing the Power English Sale, I told people not to get Power English if they were negative…

… perhaps some people didn’t think I was serious– but I’m very very serious about this. Effortless English is more than just English lessons– we are a global community of learners and leaders. I want to attract the very best people– people with truly good hearts. That’s you!

And I know you love the other members too. I know you see how special they are. And I know you always want our Club to be a super-friendly, positive, wonderful place.

I promise you– I will protect that! And I will work hard to attract more wonderful people like you smile.gif

Have a great day!!


AJ Hoge



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