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Original Effortless English Lessons (TM)
0. Level 1-2 MS Transcripts.
0. Welcome Guide.
0. Welcome Guide Espanol.
1. Day of the Dead Lessons.
1. A Kiss.
1. Bubba’s Food Lessons.
1. Changed Lessons.
1. Drag Lessons.
1. Intimacy Lessons.
1. Secret Love Lessons.
2. Bad Choices Lessons.
2. Double Standard Lessons.
2. Greek Family Lessons.
2. Longtime Affair Lessons.
2. Lost Custody Lessons.
2. MeddlingMotherInLaw Lessons.
2. Nudist Lessons.
2. Obsessive Behavior Lessons.
3. Disobedience Lessons.
3. EmotionallyIntel.Husbands Lessons.
3. Media 1 Lessons.
3. Media-2 Lessons.
3. Mind Maps Lessons.
3. MS Censorship Lessons.
3. New Year’s Resolutions Lessons.
3. No Belief Lessons.
3. Storytelling Lessons.
3. TPR and Listen First Lessons.
3. Universal Journey Lessons.
3. Validation Lessons.
3. Vipassana Lessons.
3. Worthy Goals Lessons.
4. (Bonus) Hitch 1 Lessons.
4. (Bonus) Hitch 2 Lessons.
4. (Bonus) Hitch 3 Lessons.
pwr46.(Bonus) Cafe Puccini Lessons.
pwr47.(Bonus) First Battle Lessons.
pwr48.(Bonus) Jack Kerouac Lessons.
pwr49.(Bonus) Neo-Bedouins Lessons.
pwr50.(Bonus) Thriving On Chaos Lessons.

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Day of the Deadのサンプルレッスン:

Main Lesson

Vocab Lesson

Mini-Story Lesson

POV (Point of View) Lesson


PDFテキスト :Day of the


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JuliaOur Super student!

No teacher in the world will give us so much as AJ gives us!
I really love his programs and courses!
No other course has helped me improve my English so much!

Thank you AJ for being such a great teacher!
With lots of love and esteem

Your student forever: Julia from Italy



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エフォートレス英語 Tomoe Ichikawa, AJ Hoge

1. Do The Best We Can 

2. Do The Right Thing

3. Show Other People That We Care

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